неделя, 21 юни 2009 г.

Shout it out

So.... I' ve never really written in English, I'm learning it from about 4 years....Why in english all of a sudden? Duh... because I want to....no actually beside that in english sounds more distant...

So, this idea came when I was looking up on deviantart, but since I'm not much of a painter i'll just write it down. Here are the things  I want so shout out....

1. I love pancakes (thats kinda dump actually)

2. I like bein' alone, but I hate being left-out

3. I'm not afraid of the dark, or from the spooky pleace under the bed... actually sometimes when I'm depressed I lay down and tend to look around the dark

4. People think I serious, but most of the time I'm just shy and I don't have much confidence (seriously -_-)

5. I love the sky, I adore every cloud, every line...

6. I also like japanese stuff, like manga, anime, the language, shinto, culture.....well everything 

7. I enjoy drawing, I know I'm not that good but I really want to learn ( I get depressed when I can"t draw something). I love to sing, I want to keep learing the piano, I want to lern the guitar

8.When I think about the stuff I want to do my chest starts to hurt

9. Most of the time I don't exacly know what I want to do. There are things I want to do and when I think about them hard in the end I don"t do them... and yeah I regret 

10. Deep down I want to believe that out there.....there is someone like me.... and i want to find him ( yeah take note on the "him") -_-

11.The rain makes me sad and nostalgic for some reason

12. I hate crowded places, I'm bad with boys, I'm afraid of tunders ( ever since the bombing near my home I panick when I see lightning)

13. I'm afraid that noone will remember me.

14. Secretly I'm very romantic and most of the time get envoius of my sister's relantionships, or even of my friends

15. I'm 16 and have zero experience with love ( I don't really think I had to say that but... nevermind)

16. When I'm mad I hurt my closest people ( and I'm very sorry about that)

17. I hate the summer, but I love the sea... I hate the winter, but I love the snow

18. If i have to choose how to day I would like to drown or die seein' the sky

19. I make up  characters or stories based on my favorite things ( like some anime, manga, vampires, mitologi and so on...), but I have them only in my mind because I lack the skill to write or draw

20. I don't like to wear makeup.

21. Actually I have many girly clothes, but I get embarrassed when I wear them so I try not to